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This page contains links to sites I like, random stuff, and arcade photos from my travels.

Arcade photos:

Funspot Arcade New Hampshire This is the granddaddy of all arcades. They filmed King of Kong here!

2010 Richie Knucklez Arcade Tournament in Flemington, NJ USA. Not only is Richie a good guy with kick ass arcade, he is also the new host for the Classic Arcade Gaming Tournament each year. This place rules. If you are near NYC or NJ, stop on by! Check out the video here.

2009 Richie Knucklez Arcade Tournament in Flemington, NJ USA. Not only is Richie a good guy with kick ass arcade, he is also the new host for the Classic Arcade Gaming Tournament each year. This place rules. If you are near NYC or NJ, stop on by! Check out the video here.

Hong Kong Arcades Some photos of some arcades I visited in Hong Kong.

Cedar Point Amusement Park Arcade A Terrific arcade full of classics in a kick butt amusement park in Ohio.

Niagara Falls Area Arcades There are some decent arcades in and around Niagara falls.

Links to online arcade part retailers I like:

I have used most of these retailers many times. I wouldn't hesitate to order from any of them.

The Real Bob Roberts - I don't know what to say about this guy. He is mysterious. He is trustworthy. He is the wizard behind the curtain. He knows everything but no one knows him. He has all the parts. Need a cap kit? Contact him. Need odd parts at a good price, contact him. He gives you free gifts when you order. He ships before you pay him. He is so unique and honest that it's almost weird. He is an absolute assett to the arcade community. I highly recommend checking out his site and e-mailing him with your needs. He's a cool cat. I'd love to have a beer with him. Or, some fried crawfish. E-mail this guy if you need electronic components, random parts, buttons, etc. He is an amazing source and pretty damn smart!

Arcade Shop - Lately it seems that I have been ordering a lot of stuff from them. They seem to stock most things for most games. Great source for power supply replacements/adapters, artwork, etc. Their website isn't very good and you need to call them to place an order. Overall it's not that bad and it's worth the effort. Support them!

Mike's Arcade - I tend to check Mike's site first when looking for Nintendo related stuff. IMO, he is the best source for Nintendo control panel parts, etc. His reprodcution Nintendo joysticks are pure perfection! Mike always ships fast and his pricing is decent.

Quarter Arcade -
Good service and a lot of used parts, etc. I have purchased a lot of artwork from them. Best source for CPO, Side-Art, etc. I have always been happy with the quality. They also have a larger collection of PCBs for sale. Pricing on PCBs is a little more than you'd pay from a collector on KLOV or on Ebay but they have a lot to choose from. I also always get t-molding here too. Not sure why.

Phoenix Arcade - Darren is a reproduction artowrk pioneer and all of his stuff is TOP NOTCH. Seriously. GOOD STUFF. Check him out for reproduction artwork.

This Old Game - Rich at this Old Game is pretty awesome. He makes all of his own stuff and the quality shows. Great source for repro artwork, parts, and oddball repro parts. You can also find my DK3 instruction sticker here!

Hobby Roms - Stephen at HOBBY ROMS is a great guy. If you need replacement ROMs for any of your PCBs, contact him first! Terrific service and fast turn around times.

VideoGameParts.com - I like this site. It's a fun one to browse and is always updated with hard to find NOS and used arcade parts. Mylstar (the owner) is a good guy and he has TONS of hard to find stuff. Contact him without fear!

Game Stencils - Not a huge selection but a lot of hard to find repro parts.

Twisted Quarter - Lots of parts here. Some say these guys have the best prices and the best service. I haven't used them enough to really know. But my experiences so far are good.

Token Warehouse - Need arcade game tokens? Go here. Never ordered from him but I know many who have.

Bulbtronics - I buy the hard to find 100V Japanese Nintendo bulbs and starters here.


Steve Young's Pinball Resource - I have purchased a lot from him over the years. Great site for replacement pinball parts. Terrific service and quality too! #1 site for Gottleib parts and flipper rebuild kits, rubbers, etc.

MARCO Specialties - Probably the best website out there for parts. Fast service and shipping. Amazing inventory!

MAD AMUSEMENTS - GREAT pricing and service. I recommend!

Links to community and personal arcade sites:


KLOV The Killer List of Video Games Not only a wonderful database of arcade related info but also the best classic arcade forums around. Period.

Great resource for MAME arcade freaks. Awesome forums too.

Twin Galaxies The official score keepers of classic arcade games.

Coin Op Space
The new kid on the block. Great site for regional and specific discussions.

Exidy's Price Guide - I like Jon. He has helped me countless times. And, I often find myself on his site looking at his video game price guide. It's a good starting point when trying to value a game. Of course, you always want to pay much less than his listed prices!

Local Arcade Good source for vector arcade art for printing your own stuff

GameRoom Magazine Subscribe to this magazine. It's the only one like it.

Dan Coogan's Gravitar Site Not only does this guy have the world record in Gravitar, he also has a kick-butt Gravitar site. Anything you could ever want to know about this game can be found here. He even has copies of the developer's original design documents. A very fun site with tons of info. Even if you don't like Gravitar it's still a great site to browse.

Personal Arcade Websites:

Jow's Garcade Jow is cool, and so is his site.

ChompingQuarters.com I like Bill. He is a good guy. He has helped me out a few times. Check out his site, it's pretty well done and he has some cool projects he has completed. His D2K rules!

Jess' Arcade Jess is a fellow Ninty nut. He has a cool collection and a passion for all things Nintendo. That's ok in my book. Check out his site!!

Guscade Cool new blog with arcade reviews and some restore posts. Lots of photos.

ZFCAMARO This guy has one of the best arcades EVER. His arcade was also featured in GAMEROOM magazine. Checkout the video complete with a Journey soundtrack on his page too!

The Basement Arcade This guys arcade is OUT OF CONTROL! Seriously. Check it out. So many killer games and a kick ass bar too. His arcade is HUGE!

720 Zone You know that cool skateboarding arcade game called 720? It's kind of a cult game. A lot of people want it and worship it. This site has everything you could ever want to know about Atari's 720. An owner's registry, how to buy a 720, 720 tips, 720 tricks, etc. This site has it all. Someday I just might own one. I like.

Ryan's Arcade This guy has one the greatest little arcade I have ever seen. It's not huge. But, what he has, and how he uses the space he has, is nothing short of perfection. Great collection of games too. Check it.

Jeff's Arcade Great blog with photos, restorations, etc. Great collection!

Gunbus Beauty Parlor Great photo diary of a Pac-Man restoration, start to finish.

Vidiot Arcade Real nice collection of games in this personal collection. Goo d Ninty collection.

Pocket Change Nice collection of games and helpful links for arcade collectors.


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