Baby Pac-Man

Mario Bros. is an amazing simulataneous co-op or competitive two player game. Way better than Joust if you ask me. Featuring two sets of controls, a unique Nintendo cabinet, and colorful graphics, this is one of my favs!

Most Mario Bros. you might see are conversions. In the early 80s, Nintendo sold Mario Bros. conversion kits for the smaller Donkey Kong style cabinets. This is why you'll see alot of orange or blue Mario Bros. cabinets. These were formerly Donkey Kong or Donkey Kong Jr. games that were converted to Mario Bros. These are smaller cabinets and not original dedicated machines. The factory built dedicated Mario Bros. cabinets are called wide bodies. They are larger than the typical Nintendo uprights and more desireable. An easy way to spot one is the speaker that is centered below the control panel. On the smaller conversions, the speaker is off center and on the left.

This is a great machine and mine is in fantastic shape. The monitor had some issues when I got it and the side art was messed up. The control panel also needed some work. After fixing all of those things I now have an amazing near mint Mario Bros. Wide Body. I love it.

My current Mario Bros. high score:


Mario Bros. Manual
Jow's Wide Body Registry
Mario Bros. High Score Save Kit
Mario Bros. Side Art
Mario Bros. Control Panel Overlay
Original Marquee Light Bulb
Original Marquee Light Starter
Mario Bros. on Strategy Wiki



Video of my Mario Bros. Wide Body:

Photos of the Mario Bros. Wide Body Restore (click for gallery):

Mario Bros. Widebody Restore Picture Gallery


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