So, who the heck am I? Who is this John character?

Well, I have been involved in podcasting since 2004. I am a co-host of the award winning podcast, Video Game Outsiders and the podcast, Warcraft Outsiders. I am also the founder of the adult gaming community, Zero Commit.

The Kill ScreensBesides gaming and podcasts, I have also been in a few bands. My current project is perhaps the best yet. It's called The Kill Screens and it's more of an indie electronica pop alt rock type of thing, if there is such a beast. It's a join project between me and my pal who is a really talented musician, Matthew McCarthy. Matt has written songs that have been in video games and has also toured with Third Eye Blind. He is an awesome singer, our shit rules cause of his golden voice! We released our debut CD in 2011 and it's currently available on iTunes and AMAZON. Go get it!

I also host a bi-annual arcade tournament at the Funspot arcade in New Hampshire. It's a good time. You should come!





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