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Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong, how I love you. I'm not gonna lie, I am a total Nintendo fanboy. This is the game that started it all for me. I was only about 9 years old when this game came out and I still remember the first time I played it - like it was yesterday. It made a huge impression on me and it was a long time dream to own my own. That dream came true in early 2008 and even though I have picked up some other games since then, Donkey Kong is still my favorite. I never get sick of playing it! Mine is a pristine specimen and has been totally restored. I completly overpaid for it. As they say, your first arcade machine is your most expensive one! Anyways, the machine arrived at my home DESTROYED. It's a long story. But, I'll say this, I learned a lot about putting together arcade machines by receiving a DK machine in pieces! So, it was a good crash course in arcade machine repair.

I modified my DK and added a second game to the unit, Donkey Kong 2. This game was recently created by Jeff Kulczycki and is the spirtual sequel to Donkey Kong. It's an easy install, you just need to swap out some chips on the needed and additonal high-score save kit. Totally worth it, it's a lot of fun and very challenging. It definitely adds more play value to your DK.

My current Donkey Kong high score:


My current D2K high score:

52,800 (yes, this game is hard!)

Donkey Kong Manual
Jeff's Romhack (creator of D2K)
Donkey Kong 2 (D2K) mod
Donkey Kong High-Score Save Kit

Original Marquee Light Bulb
Original Marquee Light Starter
Mike's Arcade Repro Nintendo Joystick
Donkey Kong Side-Art
Donkey Kong on Strategy Wiki



Video of Donkey Kong 2 (D2K) in action:

My Donkey Kong Strategy Video:

Photos of my Donkey Kong with the Donkey Kong 2 (D2K) mod:

Donkey Kong Photo Gallery Images

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