Baby Pac-Man

Man, where do I start with this arcade machine. To me, this is one of the best arcade machines anyone can own. Why? Well, for starters, you can buy one of these and then EASILY swap out the MAIN PCBs with new games. Bored of one? Then put in another. This system was designed with upgrading in mine. This system was designed to play the latest and greatest Nintendo Vs. game that Nintendo released at that time. It was made to swap games. It was made to be changed. Because of that, it's one of my favorites.

Most, or all of the games on the Nintendo Vs. eventually made their way to the NES. However, almost all of the games that appear on the Nintendo Vs. are different in subtle or not-so-subtle ways as compared to their NES brothers. Not true with the Nintendo Vs' cousin, "Playchoice Ten" which is essentially an NES in an arcade cabinet. All of the "Playchoice Ten" games are direct ports from the NES. There are no differences.

For instance, Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Vs. is BRUTALLY hard when compared to the NES version. SMB on the Nintendo Vs. features many of the "Lost Levels" and the game is completely unforgiving. It's frickin' hard! Some of the levels seem impossible to finish, and I have yet to finish SMB on the Vs. It's that hard. So, because of these differences, I love it that much more. It's like a 1337 NES.

Another thing that makes this system so great is the collectible factor. I probably have undiagnosed OCD and ADD, and this system fits my personality just fine. ;) I love collecting stuff and this system is the best for that. I am all about seeking out all the different games and trying to "collect 'em all." It's very rewarding and fun. Some of these games are IMPOSSIBLE to find and that's an awesome challenge to me. I love trying to find these treasures.

Anyway's, check out my Nintendo Vs. Tech page for a mostly complete list of available games and an explanation of how the system works. I also list on that page what games I have and what games I am looking for. Honestly, I am looking for any game I don't have. I would love to have a complete Vs. library some day.

Check out the videos of my games in action. Eventually, I'll have a video of each game here on this page.

My current library of games:

PCB 1 - Vs. Balloon Fight
PCB 2 - Mighty Bomb Jack / Vs. Pinball
PCB 3 - Vs. Dr. Mario / Vs. The Goonies
PCB 4 - Vs. Wrecking Crew
PCB 5 - Vs. Ice Climber / Vs. Gradius
PCB 6 - Vs. RBI Baseball / Vs. Mach Rider (JAPAN)
PCB 7 - Vs. Tetris / Vs. Star Luster
PCB 8 - Vs. Super Sky Kid
PCB 9 - Vs. Baseball
PCB 10 - Vs. Super Mario Bros. and Excitebike
PCB 11 - Vs. Tennis
PCB 12 - Vs. Top Gun / Vs. Slalom
PCB 13 - Vs. TKO Boxing / Vs. Clu Clu Land
PCB 14 - TBD
PCB 15 - TBD

Nintendo Vs. Tech and PPU info
Great manual and artwork source
Got bad Roms? Contact Stephen!
Nintendo Vs. Cocktail Table Manual
Nintendo Vs. Upright Manual
Nintendo Vs. Wikipedia Entry



Nintendo Vs. Top Gun Video:

Nintendo Vs. Clu Clu Land Video:

Nintendo Vs. TKO Boxing for the Dualsystem or Unisystem:

Nintendo Vs. Starluster for the Dualsystem or Unisystem:

Nintendo Vs. Wrecking Crew for the Dualsystem:

Nintendo Vs. Red Tent Super Mario Bros. and Excitebike Video:

Nintendo Vs. Balloon Fight Video:

Nintendo Vs. Mighty Bomb Jack and Nintendo Vs. Pinball Video:

Nintendo Vs. Super Sky Kid (NAMCO) video:

Nintendo Vs. Goonies and Dr. Mario video:


Donkey Kong Photo Gallery Images

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