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Author Topic: My High Scores  (Read 392 times)
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« on: April 18, 2017, 12:34:20 AM »

Hello, fellow Video Game enthusiasts;

I used to list my high scores in my signature but I kept running out of characters to list the scores like I wanted so I figured I'd make a list in a topic here on the forums.

I play on my PC using MAME 0.146.  If I use the Pause button for any reason, the game doesn't count.  There were no Pause buttons in the arcades.

When playing most games, I use the arrow keys as the joystick and the numpad Enter key as the 'Jump/Fire' button.
When playing Lunar Lander, I use the left and right arrows for rotation, the numpad Enter key for 'Thrust', and the numpad 0 key for 'Abort'.

A quick note:  All games' settings are Aurcade-compliant with one exception:  If you could do something during the game in the Arcade (getting Galaga's enemies to stop firing at you, etc.), then I consider this to be fair play.  I never intend to submit any of my scores to be recognized officially, so I will play the games as I played them (or at least, tried to) in the Arcade.

My New Year's Resolution (2018) is to beat all of my High Scores on this list.  I've beaten 2 of 4 thus far.  (Donkey Kong Jr (1x), Frogger (2x))
Lunar Lander is going to be tough to beat, though.

There used to be a 5th game on this list (Galaga), but, for some reason, the game no longer works, so it's been removed.

With no further ado, here we go:

My High Scores (as of February 20, 2018):

Donkey Kong
     High Score:  143,300
     Last Attempt:  115,900 - Level 5 - 2nd Barrels - I scored over 75,000 points with my final Mario!
     +/- Penultimate Attempt:  +25,700
     Last 5 Games Average Score: 85,500

Donkey Kong Jr.
     High Score:  90,600 - Level 4 - Chains - Set on February 20, 2018
     Last Attempt: 90,600 - Level 4 - Chains - NEW HIGH SCORE! - Set on February 20, 2018
     +/- Penultimate Attempt:  +26,800
     Last 5 Games Average Score:  67,800

     High Score:  28,500 - Level 8 - 3 Frogs home - Set on February 10, 2018 -
     Last Attempt:  15,610 - Level 5 - No Frogs home - I lost 4 frogs crossing the highway
     +/- Penultimate Attempt:  +1,370
     Last 5 Games Average Score:  19,944

Lunar Lander
     High Score:  1,255 - 250/250/250/250/250/5 - 5 safe landings (5 5x); 1 crash - Set on September 11, 2017 -
     Last Attempt: 1,005 - 250/250/250/200/50/5 - 5 Safe Landings (3 5x; 1 4x; 1x); 1 Crash -
     +/- Penultimate Attempt:  +30
     Last 5 Games Average Score:  795

I will modify this post as I play.
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