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Author Topic: BYO cap kit for the Suzo Happ Vision Pro MTG-1901 "series"  (Read 3368 times)
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« on: November 01, 2014, 10:16:12 PM »

NOTE: This monitor has at least 3 manufacturers (Tovis,Kortek, Segai) that I am aware of, there may be more. Suzo Happ outsourced the manufacturing to multiple companies. This means each manufacturer could have built at least slightly different versions, and they did.  Some of the boards may have multiple revisions too, so check your caps.

Name: Suzo Happ Vision Pro MTG-1901CN
Manufacturer: TOVIS
Revision: 01
Happ Part #: 49-1329-VP2

First I had to determine which monitor I had, who actually manufactured it and any other identifiers I could find.

OK, easy enough, need to narrow that down and I never trust stickers, they just sit there all smug...pffft

The version I have has a manufacturers stamp north of the flyback just behind the first heat sink identified by "TOVIS":

There is also another stamp on the parts side of neck board just above the "G-Drive" pot.

I don't have any other boards to look at so you will have to do some investigating to identify your boards and adjust your kit as needed. If you do have another manufacturers board set I encourage you to post a reply with the cap differences and some pics of the manufacturers stamps w/ their locations.

To further identify my main board there is a "Rev:01" stamp on the East edge of the board just below a barcode sticker. OK, so now I had enough information to actually get started.

After some google searches I discovered (that someone else discovered) most of the caps I need are in a pre-existing cap kit for a Wells-Gardner K7302 19" monitor. I had to get a difference between the cap kit and what is in the manual. I made a list of all the Electrolytic caps in the manual, checked them against the cap kit and noticed there were only a few differences in the k7302 and the TOVIS mtg-1901 caps:

    C322 - 100uf @ 16V (not in kit)
    C361 - no such position on PCB (extra 1uf @ 50V)
    C413 - unpopulated (extra 1uf @ 50V)
    C417 - 33uf @ 250V (not in kit)
    C701 - 10uf @ 50V (not in kit)

I also noticed (as with many kits) some of the 16V caps have been replaced with 50V caps. It is common practice for cap kit makers to 'upgrade' parts as they see fit. After compiling the cap list and checking them physically on the boards AND in the manual I ended up with the following requirements:

     1 x Wells-Gardner K7302 cap kit
     1 x 100uf @ 16V
     1 x  33uf @ 250V
     1 x  10uf @ 50V

If you want to source all the parts yourself here are the Aluminum Electrolytic caps you will need (Double check the list vs. what you need):

     5  x  1uf @ 50V  
     2  x  4.7uf @ 50V  
     1  x  10uf @ 160V  
     3  x  10uf @ 16V  
     1  x  10uf @ 250V  
     6  x  10uf @ 50V  
     1  x  22uf @ 50V  
     1  x  33uf @ 250V  
     3  x  100uf @ 16V  
     2  x  100uf @ 25V  
     1  x  100uf @ 50V  
     2  x  220uf @ 160V (105° Cap)
     1  x  220uf @ 16V  
     1  x  220uf @ 25V  
     1  x  220uf @ 400V  
     1  x  470uf @ 25V  
     4  x  470uf @ 35V  
     1  x  1000uf @ 25V  
     2  x  1000uf @ 35V  

The "Instructions":
    C301  -  10uf @ 16V
    C303  -  10uf @ 50V
    C304  -  10uf @ 16V
    C306  -  10uf @ 50V
    C307  -  10uf @ 16V
    C309  -  10uf @ 50V
    C320  -  1uf @ 50V
    C322  -  100uf @ 16V
    C331  -  10uf @ 50V
    C339  -  470uf @ 35V
    C340  -  100uf @ 25V
    C341  -  1000uf @ 35V
    C343  -  4.7uf @ 50V
    C344  -  220uf @ 16V
    C348  -  100uf @ 50V
    C360  -  1000uf @ 25V
    C361  -  1uf @ 50V
    C362  -  470uf @ 35V
    C369  -  4.7uf @ 50V
    C372  -  10uf @ 50V
    C379  -  22uf @ 50V
    C382  -  1uf @ 50V
    C383  -  1uf @ 50V
    C389  -  1000uf @ 35V
    C412  -  10uf @ 250V
    C413  -  1uf @ 50V
    C417  -  33uf @ 250V
    C560  -  100uf @ 16V
    C701  -  10uf @ 50V
    C803  -  220uf @ 400V (B+)
    C805  -  470uf @ 25V
    C807  -  100uf @ 16V
    C808  -  10uf @ 160V
    C809  -  220uf @ 160V (105° Cap)
    C810  -  470uf @ 35V
    C811  -  470uf @ 35V
    C812  -  220uf @ 25V
    C813  -  100uf @ 25V
    C818  -  220uf @ 160V (105° Cap)

Seriously, check over the list vs. your board set and make sure that I didn't make a mistake or that your board set isn't some weird odd-ball version before you order caps.  

Again, if you do have a different version or revision even if they are the exact same caps , be a bro and post it here.
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« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2014, 05:46:55 PM »

I found the list for the other two online , again double check the caps:

C201 - 10uf 50v
C204 - 10uf 50v
C205 - 10uf 50v
C208 - 10uf 50v
C209 - 10uf 50v
C212 - 10uf 50v
C213 - 100uf 25v
C230 - 100uf 25v
C231 - 4.7uf 50v
C232 - 47uf 50v
C234 - 100uf 25v
C302 - 100uf 25v
C311 - 1uf 50v
C312 - 1uf 50v
C316 - 220uf 16v
C317 - 10uf 50v
C401 - 10uf 50v (Negative towards R403)
C403 - 10uf 50v
C404 - 1000uf 25v
C416 - 1000uf 35v
C417 - 470uf 35v
C418 - 1000uf 35v
C419 - 1uf 50v
C510 - 1uf 50v
C511 - 1uf 50v
C515 - 10uf 250v
C517 - 4.7uf 50v
C704 - 100uf 16v
C805 - 220uf 400v (Filter cap)
C811 - 22uf 50v
C815 - 220uf 25v
C816 - 100uf 25v
C817 - 220uf 25v
C819 - 470uf 35v
C820 - 470uf 35v
C821 - 100uf 160v
C822 - 100uf 160v
C824 - 47uf 50v

C101 - 0.47uf 50v
C102 - 0.47uf 50v
C103 - 0.47uf 50v
C104 - 100uf 25v
C105 - 22uf 25v
C107 - 1uf 50v
C108 - 1uf 50v
C110 - 22uf 25v
C117 - 1uf 160v
C118 - 1uf 160v
C119 - 1uf 160v
C120 - 33uf 160v
C122 - 1uf 250v
C208 - 220uf 25v
C212 - 47uf 16v
C213 - 2200uf 25v
C217 - 47uf 35v
C218 - 10uf 50v
C219 - 1uf 250v
C306 - 100uf 25v
C310 - 1uf 50v
C311 - 1uf 50v
C314 - 4.7uf 50v
C315 - 220uf 35v
C316 - 100uf 35v
C318 - 220uf 25v
C324 - 47uf 35v
C327 - 47uf 160v
C328 - 33uf 160v
C329 - 100uf 25v
C332 - 1uf 250v
C334 - 1uf 250v
C335 - 10uf 50v
C506 - 1uf 50v
C508 - 100uf 25v
C513 - 220uf 400v (Filter cap)
C514 - 100uf 160v
C515 - 100uf 160v
C522 - 1000uf 35v
C523 - 2200uf 35v (105°)
C526 - 1000uf 25v
C527 - 2200uf 25v
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